International Cue Club

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A pool and snooker simulation game that features a very accurate physics engine and plenty of game modes

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International Cue Club is a well built pool and snooker game that allows you to practice your skills in solo and in versus modes. The game has a good deal of years behind it but even so, despite its outdated graphics, it’s still a solid simulator.

Several game modes to keep you busy for hours

International Cue Club has plenty to offer when it comes to what you can play. You get classic eight-ball, nine-ball, speed pool, snooker and a few more. The tables can be customized and so can the balls, and you can eve access an area from where you can set or remove known rules for any of the aforementioned modes.

The above offers the players a decent amount of diversity which enables them to experiment with different game styles. International Cue Club also features a virtual chat room where players can meet, exchange a few words and then challenge each other to a friendly match. And of course, you do get the ‘hotseat’ player versus player mode.

A very good physics engine that makes up for any shortcomings

International Cue Club’s strongest feature is its excellent physics engine. There are relatively few pool games that manage to recreate the impact and motion in a real manner. This one succeeds and does so very well because ball movements are smooth and if you’ve played a bit or a lot of pool you can easily tell that ball behavior is spot on.

When it comes to planning your shots, you can adjust strike power, shot angle and you can choose the spot where the cue ball is hit. The only real issue that International Cue Club has is the fact that the top-view is the only one available. Sure, it makes the game easier to play and it definitely helps out the physics engine but it does reduce the overall realistic nature of the game by a lot.

An old game but it has plenty of features that will keep it alive for a long time

On a closing note, International Cue Club is by all means a good game, it’s outdated in a lot of ways but as far as pool simulation goes, it’s spot on.

International Cue Club was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 9th, 2015
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