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Fight aliens and feed fish in this arcade game that requires fast reaction times and good coordination

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The ocean is quite lively no matter where you look, except of course for some of the extremes. There are billions of fish swimming in the seas from all over the world, all of which need to feed and reproduce when the time comes. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that only a small portion of them survive to die of old age, even if humans weren’t part of the equation.

Feed the fish and fight the aggressive aliens

Insaniquarium Deluxe is a fun arcade game design to put your reflexes to the test, which means that you have to react quickly and keep up with the action on the screen. Your goal is to feed the fish when they need it and collect the coins they drop behind. However, aliens also make an appearance every now and again, and you need to stop them from hurting the fish when that happens.

In order to finish the level, you have to buy special eggs with the money you earn, eggs which hatch once the stage is complete. Out of these eggs, a variety of creatures can emerge, some of which are quite helpful to you. As an example, the snail picks up the coins that you miss by constantly patrolling the seabed, which is indeed helpful, especially when the screen is cluttered by your own fish.

Buy upgrades and use them to improve your revenue

Once you manage to buy more fish, it becomes difficult to keep feeding them one food flake at a time. Thankfully, the game allows you to purchase upgrades and speed up the process by a lot. However, you still need to choose the right moment to drop the food, otherwise you can lose the fish to hunger. In addition, aliens are quite menacing as well, although they are quite simple to kill when they come alone.

The game looks decent when it comes to graphics and art style, not to mention the fact that the animations are quite nice and smooth. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect too much either, given the fact that this is still a simple distraction for when you’ve got nothing better to do. In addition, the soundtrack is fun, and it can keep you amused during the adventure.

Train your reflexes and have some fun while doing so

Even if Insaniquarium Deluxe is as casual as it gets, the gameplay mechanics are very challenging and it may take a while to get good at it. In addition, there are many secrets to uncover along the way, which improve the experience even more.

Insaniquarium Deluxe Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
Insaniquarium Deluxe Demo - There are multiple game modes to choose from, including time trial and challenge.Insaniquarium Deluxe Demo - The goal is to buy eggs with the money you get from the fish.Insaniquarium Deluxe Demo - You get a few companions along the way.Insaniquarium Deluxe Demo - screenshot #4Insaniquarium Deluxe Demo - screenshot #5Insaniquarium Deluxe Demo - screenshot #6Insaniquarium Deluxe Demo - screenshot #7

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