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Practice your hunting skills in this simulator sporting a variety of locations and animals for you to shoot

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Although it was a respectable profession a few centuries ago, hunters are rather despised nowadays, mostly because there is not much need to shoot animals when we’ve got supermarkets full of anything you might want. Obviously, there are still those who live off the land in remote places around the Earth, but they do not have any other options, unfortunately.

Hunt around the most recognizable places on Earth

Hunting Unlimited 2008 is a simulator in which you can indulge your passion without hurting any actual animals, as well as collect as many trophies as you like. Not only that, but you are at no risk of getting hurt yourself, in case you decide to hunt something dangerous. Regardless of what you want to shoot, the game at hand provides you with the means to do it in a safe and realistic environment.

To begin with, there are multiple modes you can try out, depending on how you would like to experience the game. In the Challenge mode, you have to hunt a specific animal and return with a trophy that matches the requirements. However, if you are more of a libertarian, the Free Hunt mode is the right choice for you, because it allows you complete freedom when it comes to the animals and the location.

Visit interesting places all over the world

Speaking of which, the game allows you to visit a variety of interesting locations, ranging from the thick forests of the Rocky Mountains, all the way to the hot savannahs of Africa. Naturally, each environment can only shelter specific species of animals, so don’t expect grizzly bears in Africa. On the other hand, you do have the freedom to choose how rare or common a certain animal is before you start playing.

Unfortunately, there are many unpleasant things about the game as well, including the visual quality and the controls. The fact that the environments do not seem to render farther than a few dozen yards makes everything look awful, not to mention the terrible shaders and the deplorable lighting effects. While this wouldn’t be too much of a problem in any other game, it’s way too obvious here, given the fact that most of what you do is walk around, gazing at the landscapes.

A nice idea that can be fun in short bursts

In the end, Hunting Unlimited 2008 is not good enough to be worth too much of your time, unless you really love hunting. Otherwise, the poor graphics engine and the laughable AI make the experience extremely difficult to enjoy.

Hunting Unlimited 2008 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 20th, 2015
Hunting Unlimited 2008 Demo - You can choose from a variety of different game modes.Hunting Unlimited 2008 Demo - It can be pretty difficult to pinpoint your target in the dark.Hunting Unlimited 2008 Demo - The forest is where you can find most of the wildlife.Hunting Unlimited 2008 DemoHunting Unlimited 2008 DemoHunting Unlimited 2008 DemoHunting Unlimited 2008 DemoHunting Unlimited 2008 DemoHunting Unlimited 2008 Demo

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