Global Bowling 1.8

Both the bowling games are backed by a strong physics engine...

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Global BowlingGlobal BowlingGlobal Bowling
Both the bowling games are backed by a strong physics engine. You will be able to accurately simulate advanced bowling techniques like hooking, action and breakpoint management.

The performance is so realistic that you can really feel the power of a perfect strike, enjoy sublime split corrections, choose whether to base your throws on accuracy or power, adjust the entry angle, play the gutter, perform kill shots, spectacular broom balls and more!

Basically an unlimited variety of throws can be simulated! Are you ready to try it?

Here are some key features of "Global Bowling":

Accurate bowling dynamics simulation.
Three different very intuitive release systems (Mouse Based, Static and Dynamic).
Ability to REV the ball on all the 3 rotation axis (to handle any lane surface!).
4 different human players.
One "christmas tree" patterned lane.
Two plastic balls (10 and 14 lbs weight)
9 interactive view modes (both fixed and action-following cameras).
Action replay with slow motion option.
Earn credit winning matches.
Personal statistics.
In official games, the audience may cheer your performance.


PC, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Microsoft DirectX runtime, version 8.1 or greater (available free of charge at Microsoft website).
Audio and video performance of the game can be extensively adjusted. On a midrange PC (for example, Pentium 450Mhz, GeForce3 or ATI Radeon 8500), the game runs at maximum rendering quality and smooth frame rates. On older systems, it will run at smooth frame rates with lower rendering quality settings.
On very old systems (for example 166Mhz cpu, early 3d video card) it will work only if the video card manufacturer provides an updated driver which supports Direct3D advanced features.


Limited game-play.

Last updated on July 31st, 2008

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