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Control a train to the best of your abilities and make sure it delivers its payload in time

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Trains are by no means simple machines, especially now when computers have taken over most of them. Besides the fact that they are very heavy and made out of millions of parts and components, they are also responsive for a lot of deliveries all over the world. Hence, they deliver a variety of goods and materials between cities and countries, aided by the fact that they do not have to wait in traffic.

Drive a train to the best of your abilities

Freight Train Simulator is an arcade train driving simulator in which your purpose is to safeguard a train on the way to its destination. Although you can actually drive it, the gameplay is as simple as it can get without defeating the purpose, since all you need to do is make sure to accelerate and brake whenever you need to do so. Hence, realism has nothing to do with it.

That doesn’t mean you cannot have a lot of fun with the game, on the other hand, especially if you are one that likes a challenge. Your task is made a tad more difficult by the fact that you have to keep a close eye on the track and the time limit. As such, it is mandatory that you reach your destination before the time runs out, but you can derail if you go too fast when the tracks are too curvy.

Accelerate and brake at the right time in order to avoid disaster

There are only four buttons you can use to control the train, which is obviously a bit too simple. Thus, besides the fact that you can increase the engine output and gain speed, it is also possible to activate the brakes at the same time. These are required when you need to decelerate very quickly, or when you reach the end of the track and you need to stop the train completely.

As far as the visual quality is concerned, the game is nothing to stand in awe of, especially if you have tried other train simulators. Although the train models look quite decent, the environments lack any kind of effort and they all seem to look the same, which kind of breaks the immersion. On the same note, the sound is nothing out of the ordinary and it quickly fades in the background.

A short-lived experience for casual train lovers

Even if Freight Train Simulator has plenty of flaws and it’s too simple to keep anyone interested for a long time, it’s still quite fun for a while. Hence, if you don’t have high expectations and you are OK with the oversimplified gameplay mechanics, this is the game for you.

Freight Train Simulator was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 25th, 2015
Freight Train Simulator - You can continue from where you left off or start a new game from the main menu.Freight Train Simulator - The camera can be rotated freely around the train.Freight Train Simulator - It is also possible to switch the camera to another wagon.Freight Train Simulator - screenshot #4Freight Train Simulator - screenshot #5Freight Train Simulator - screenshot #6Freight Train Simulator - screenshot #7

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