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A simple and colorful game that is sure to keep kids busy for a while while also improving their observation skills

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Find the Difference Game, what it’s about is as obvious as possible. It’s a casual game that’s well-suited for the little ones. In it, children, or whoever chooses to play it, have to spot and identify twelve differences that exist between two images.

Simple, casual, and colorful

Find the Difference Game is made out of several pairs of pictures that look the same. Since the object of the game is to spot the differences between them, obviously that’s not the case.

Two images are put next to each other and using the mouse pointer; players need to click on the mismatches they find between the two. There are 12 differences in each round, and the game keeps track of you many you have uncovered. Find the Difference Game features colorful cartoon graphics that should seem inviting to young children, offering them a relaxed play environment.

Easy enough for any age

Find the Difference Game is not difficult. You would expect for a few of the differences to be very well hidden, but that’s not the case. All of them are kind of easy to spot but then again, that also depends on the player.

Most of the differences are about one missing detail but in some cases, objects will be mirrored. Either way, the hunt for the differences will be enjoyable.

A good way to spend some time

For parents with small children who just don’t want to stay away from the computer, this seems like a decent choice. The demo only features two sets of images but it’s enough to get a feel of how things look for the entire thing.

Find the Difference Game was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
Find the Difference Game - Find all the differences between the imagesFind the Difference Game - A very colorful game for the kids

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