Final Drive: Nitro

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Step into the driver's seat of your own customizable concept car and put the pedal to the metal!

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Final Drive: Nitro is a racing simulation game in which you get to drive a series of supercar concepts on futuristic tracks. The game offers you several car choices and plenty of tracks to race on, as well as multiple game modes.

A decent looking game with a decent driving experience

Final Drive: Nitro comes with a number of cars that look rather cool, as should all concept cars. There are Instant Race and Practice Race modes to try out and Career Race for when you feel confident enough that you will emerge to be the best driver.

Visually, Final Drive: Nitro is a decent game with good details on the cars (except for the rims, those look awful) but it’s strongest points are the race tracks. Each circuit looks quite spectacular in its futuristic setup but if you want to enjoy them in the best possible way, run the game in window mode. Game resolution peaks at 1024x786 which is far from what today is considered acceptable.

Cars that look unique but sounds the same

Audio in Final Drive: Nitro is not impressive, if anything it should seriously be reconsidered. In most racing games, the car engine is probably the second thing you pay attention to but in this case, it seems to have been seriously neglected. Cars sound the same and it’s not even about powerful engine roars.

Not to mention that although there are some big jumps to pull off in the game, which is nice, when landing, your car will always sound like a sack filled with rusty metal parts that is being slammed into a dumpster.

Not worth spending money on

Final Drive: Nitro is ok if you’re not expecting too much. It looks good and gameplay isn’t half bad but engine sounds becomes annoying after a few minutes and the more you play the less enjoyable it tends to get.

Final Drive: Nitro was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 28th, 2015
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