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Dress up girls in a variety of outfits and try to match the colors with each other for additional points

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Color is a very important aspect in fashion, because outfits only work if the colors are matched properly. Hence, certain colors work better in various circumstances, while others can never be mixed, regardless of where you are or what you are trying to do. Although some combinations are quite obviously wrong and disturbing, you might find that even some of the regular ones are not acceptable.

Design proper outfits and score as many points as you can

Fashion Cents is a dress up game in which your goal is to dress a handful of models with a variety of clothes, while keeping an eye on the color of each item. The goal is to achieve the right combination of colors every time, which is not that difficult to achieve, considering the fact that the game does not allow you to mix the wrong shades anyway, which is kind of a bummer.

To begin with, you can try your hand with the tutorial, which allows you to easily learn how to play the game properly. As far as the actual game is concerned, you can pretty much figure everything out in the first few minutes, as long as you are familiar with the genre. Unfortunately, you may also get bored of it in the first few minutes, especially after you notice that nothing changes as you move forward.

Dull graphics and not much gameplay variety

Although you get to advance to the next level once you gain enough points, it would seem that every stage is basically the same, except for the fact that you need more points. Another difference is the fact that the clothes become a bit more intricate and come in more colors, but the background and the models stay the same. Hence, the experience can quickly become monotonous after a while.

Not only that, but the gameplay is not very energetic or fun either. All you have to do is drag-and-drop the clothes onto the models. When none of the outfits you are creating works with the current item, you can put it aside for later, although you can also get stuck and lose the game. The items seem to spawn randomly, but it makes no difference whatsoever, because the gameplay place remains dull.

A simple fashion game with nothing special about it

When it’s all said and done, Fashion Cents feels a lot more like a match three game than a fashion flick, which is why it may not appeal to many people. However, you can still have moderate amounts of fun with it, as long as you do not expect too much from the experience.

Fashion Cents Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
Fashion Cents Demo - You can go through the tutorial or start a new game right away.Fashion Cents Demo - Each girl can only be dressed in a specific combination of colors.Fashion Cents Demo - Once you match all the items on a girl, the outfit resets and your score increases.Fashion Cents Demo - screenshot #4Fashion Cents Demo - screenshot #5

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