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Work hard and grow a farm from the ground up in this fun time management game in which you can plant vegetables and herd animals

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Farming is still an important element when it comes to the survival of our species, because we have yet to develop a way to create food without growing it. Regardless of the method used, farming provides us with vegetables and fruit, without which our diet would suffer greatly. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot take advantage of technology out on the field as well, what with all the modern machinery and all.

Help Anna start her own farm

Farm Mania 2 is a time management game that combines the fast-paced mechanics of the genre with some elements taken from hits like Farmville, in the sense that you have to grow plants an be fast at the same time. In essence, the goal is to move quickly, make money and expand your farm as much as possible over time, in order to host more crops and many more animals on your lands.

In the beginning, you are only capable of raising a few pumpkins and lettuce heads, which barely return a profit after all the hard work you put into them. However, once you start to purchase animals and add them to the mix, you’ll see a steady increase in your finances. On the other hand, they take far longer to grow and produce the items you need from them, so vegetables are still needed at all times.

Many clicks and no room for mistakes

Each plant or animal you decide to bring to your farm requires a certain sequence of steps in order to be fully utilized. As such, plants need to be watered, cleaned and harvested once they are ready. Animals, on the other hand, need to be fed and given water, otherwise they do not give you eggs or milk. Hence, you must do all of these in a timely fashion, to avoid penalties and losses.

Visually, the game does not excel in any regard, although the graphics are very colorful and detailed. Even if the backgrounds contain plenty of details, however, they are still static, and they get boring rather quickly. Thankfully, at least the animations are nice, and there is always something moving around, including Anna and her grandfather. The music is pleasant as well if you get a chance to pay attention to it.

A demanding video game for time management enthusiasts

Although it may look relaxing and childish, Farm Mania 2 actually requires good reflexes and spotless coordination, otherwise your crops fail and the animal disappear. Hence, it’s definitely a challenge to get the high scores all the time, or even pass the later levels.

Farm Mania 2 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 7th, 2015
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