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Bring a bit of variety to the classic game of chess, using a variety of novelty pieces instead of the old ones

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Chess has been around for ages, with few changes in the meantime. Hence, it is difficult to make the game appear more exciting somehow, although not impossible. One of the ways is to change the pieces and replace them with different shapes, in order to break the monotony. However, their function and rules by which they move remain untouched, obviously, otherwise the entire game breaks down.

Play against the computer or another human player

Fantasy Chess provides you with a few alternative skins to the classic pieces, although it is packed with a lot more features than that. In essence, the game is a complete chess simulator, featuring a variety of difficulty levels, the ability to play with another human player, as well as an option to set up the board manually and try to simulate certain conditions at your own pace.

However, the skins are the defining characteristic, which is why the term ‘fantasy’ is included in the name. As such, you can choose from a wide variety of interesting options, including dinosaurs, wild animals and reptiles. The purpose of these skins is to fight monotony and help you see chess in a different light every now and again, even if the rules don’t change and everything else remains the same as well.

Plenty of difficulty settings to choose from

In case you decide to match your wits against the computer, you might want to customize the challenge to fit your own skill level. As such, the game allows you to select the desired difficulty level, in order to stand a chance against the computer. In addition, it is also possible to play in the hot seat mode with a friend, with each player taking his turn at the board.

One of the more advanced options integrated into the application is the possibility to set up imaginary scenarios, by manually placing every piece on the board according to your preferences. This way, you can simulate certain situations and devise strategies to deal with them, in case you do not want to play entire matches just to see how your tactics turn out.

Decent graphics and intuitive gameplay mechanics

In the end, Fantasy Chess is not a revolutionary product, but it can be the right choice for you. The variety of available skins and the customizable AI difficulty level should be enough to provide you with hours of fun, especially if you are an avid chess player.

Fantasy Chess Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 7th, 2015
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