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A space combat and trading simulator that offers almost everything you want from a sim

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Evochron Mercenary is a space simulation game that pretty much has everything you want. You can be a merchant who's a master of stealth, race against other pilots, mine new planets, fight in large scale battles and everything else that fits in the resume of a mercenary.

A beautifully complex creation for those who dream of going into space

The first thing that will get your attention in Evochron Mercenary is the slightly overwhelming HUD. The complexity of it all is just apparent because everything is put together to quickly become intuitive, logic thinking went into the design so you won’t really struggle with anything.

It will take you a good couple of minutes to familiarize yourself with the basics of it all, navigation, docking, ship management and so on but after that, you’ll be ready to launch to deep space and do whatever it is that you want to do. A great feature of Evochron Mercenary is the wide array of things that can be done while playing and tied into that you will also discover a considerable amount of depth to the game.

Enjoy exploring vast universe on your own or in command of a crew

The amount of stuff that goes into Evochron Mercenary is rather hard to condense but if were were to make a list, in this game you would be able to race, fight, blast asteroids, escort people, hire crew members, build space stations, explore new planets, mine, spy, ample ship customization exists and the list can go on.

On top of all that adversity you can explore a seemingly endless universe and enjoy the newtonian physics that the game implements so well. For those who prefer function over form Evochron Mercenary might be the embodiment of just that. It has a few years behind it so visually it might not drop jaws to the floor but it’s a very good game.

Immerse yourself into a great that offers a memorable experience

To wrap it up, Evochron Mercenary is a game you have to play to be able to appreciate. The sheer size of it all, the freedom you have, everything is well worth your time. Also worth noting is that this game was designed by a single person, so, it’s far from perfect, although a lot of people would argue with that.

Evochron Mercenary was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 15th, 2015
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