Drug Lord

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Buy and sell drugs on the black market in order to turn into a powerful drug lord with millions of dollars to your name

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Although it’s generally no one’s concern how a person chooses to make a living, there are certain careers and occupations that tend to attract the attention of the authorities. Being a trader is complete fine under normal circumstances, but it stops being so harmless if you decide to trade illicit substances, such as drugs. Not only that, but the competition doesn’t play fair either, in most cases.

Start a profitable business by selling drugs

Drug Lord is a simulation game that allows you to see how long would you manage to resist in the harsh world of drug trafficking, by providing you with the opportunity to become a trader. In essence, your role is to buy from one city and sell it in another, although that’s not necessarily the way it works. The business is very much like the stock market, because the same city you bought from the other day can run out and pay handsomely for the same drugs tomorrow.

In the beginning, you start with just a handful of cash and a small debt to a loan shark. The goal is to make some money and repay your debt when the time comes. In order to do so, you can start buying certain drugs and watching the list to see where you can get more money for them. You can either travel yourself by plane or use a shipping service, although both options have their own risk.

Arm yourself against the police or random thugs

There are many other options for a rising drug lord as well, including the possibility to put your money into the bank and avoid the risk of it being stolen from you. Speaking of which, there are many such random events, including daylight robberies, police raids and the like. You can buy guns and ammunition to protect yourself, but it is obviously quite difficult to put up a fight in front of ten or more thugs.

The game’s interface is as simple as it can get, yet it still holds many different options and possibilities. Every basic function is more or less visible and intuitive, while all the rest of the options can be easily reached once you are advanced enough to need them. There are no graphics whatsoever, but you can at least hear a few sound effects every now and again.

Live to tell the tale about your massive drug empire

In the end, even if Drug Lord touches a very sensitive subject and it is obviously a bad idea to take the game seriously in any way, it’s still pretty fun to fool around with loads of cash and drugs. Moreover, you can slowly build an empire for yourself and see the fruits of your labor grow over time.

Drug Lord was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
Drug Lord - There are types of drugs you can buy and sell in every city.Drug Lord - It is possible to deposit money and not have to worry about it getting stolen.Drug Lord - Guns and various items can be purchased from the shop.Drug Lord - screenshot #4Drug Lord - screenshot #5Drug Lord - screenshot #6Drug Lord - screenshot #7Drug Lord - screenshot #8

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