Dragon Mania

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Help a little greedy dragon gather all the gold he can find before he can move on to the next level and do the same

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Dragon Mania is a platformer in which you play as a little dragon who has to cross several increasingly difficult levels by collecting all the gold coins and gold objects. Greedy little dragon.

Simple, no-violence gameplay

Dragon Mania is, at its core, an old-school platformer. You get simple level design with no complicated puzzles or enemies to shoot down using fire balls. It’s all about jumping on various surfaces, collecting gold and dodging the critters that guard the valuables as you make your way to the gate that lays at the end of the level.

The monsters you face can’t be killed or even hit, you simply jump over them or walk under them to avoid contact. You can’t harm them but they can harm you. A simple contact with them depletes part of your life essence and if enough is lost, you lose a life and so on until it’s game over.

Different creatures and different worlds to explore

In Dragon Mania you have to travel across multiple levels with the same gold gathering goal in sight. However, level diversity isn’t all that great. Apart from the change of textures, more monsters to avoid and a few floating elevators here and there, Dragon Mania remains practically the same each level. Structure varies and backgrounds change but they pretty much feel the same.

Sure, as the game advances, it gets tougher to avoid all the evil critters and the game also picks up on difficulty but that alone won’t increase replayability. Neither does it add any extra charm.

A not so favorable conclusion

All-in-all Dragon Mania is a decent game. It’s harmless in its content, challenging at times and easy to play, certainly a plus for kids. If you’re an older kid with more updated tastes, Dragon Mania might not be so appealing.

Dragon Mania was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 8th, 2015
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