Day D: Time Mayhem

Travel through mighty dinosaurs as you try to return back home from prehistoric times

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Tower Defense, Strategy
Big Fish Games
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Day D: Time Mayhem is a tower defense game with lots of real-time strategy elements where you will be able to experience first hand how it's like to time travel.

Even great scientists make mistakes

You'll take on the role of a scientist that uncovers a way to travel back in time. A mistake throws him into the Jurassic age when dinosaurs ruled the land. You must use your superior skills and invent various devices that are to keep you safe until you manage to find a way back home.

You'll get hooked in an instant!

There are three different difficulty levels you can choose from: easy, normal and hard. You can switch between them at the start of each level.

On each challenge, you'll have to build towers, upgrade them and do whatever it takes to defend your base from invading dinosaurs. The game has a tutorial so it's quite easy to be understood.

Besides towers, you'll also be able to use abilities like a meteor shower or an acid rain to diminish the rows of your enemies. With each level, more and more dinosaurs will be invading your territory and their diversity will also be increased.

Build defensive structures

In order to cope with them, towers will be unlocked on various levels. You'll start with just a crossbow tower and you'll make your way to cannon towers, catapult towers and a lot more.

Placing a tower is crucial especially when the enemy attacks from two different sides. Use in-game currency to make sure all the towers are upgraded.

Between levels, you can upgrade your starting towers, their cost, range or damage.

Strategy at its best

The game features cartoonish graphics and will get adults and children instantly hooked. The speed of the game can be a problem for some as the normal speed is to slow and the high-speed is very fast and doesn't allow you time to react.

This and much more await you in Day D: Time Mayhem!

Day D: Time Mayhem was reviewed by , last updated on April 2nd, 2014

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