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Practice your Connect Four skills on opponents that learn from their mistakes and get better with each match

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Simple competitive games have always been popular with the crowds, especially those that don’t take very long to play. The rules must also be quite simple to understand for everyone, otherwise people might lose interest. Hence, classics like Tic-Tac-Toe or Checkers are as popular today as they ever were, or even more so, thanks to the Internet and online connectivity.

Connect four pieces and beat the opponent

Championship Connect 4 is a rather unusual game, in the sense that it is very similar to checkers, yet the perspective and the rules are just different enough to be a new game. Hence, your role is to match at least four pieces with each other, by dropping them into one of the seven available columns. The rules are not at all complex, but you may have trouble coming up with the right strategies.

There are multiple game modes to choose from as well, depending on how you want to enjoy the game. As such, you can engage in a long tournament against AI-controlled players, which get stronger and stronger with every round. Or, you can simply play with a friend on the same computer, maybe even using the fancy 3D checkerboard instead, which can be rotated freely.

Teach the AI how to beat you every time

One of the most interesting features bundled with the game is the learning algorithm coded into the AI, which can be set up according to your own preferences. Hence, the AI is able to get better and better at the game the more it plays against you, which means that it can learn your strategies and how to counter them. Naturally, you might get a bit too frustrated after a while, unless you are constantly devising new tactics.

As mentioned before, a 3D mode is available as well, in which both the pieces and the board are three-dimensional. They are not very detailed and the interface is horrible, on the other hand, so you’d probably be better with the classic 2D perspective instead. Even if it’s not as modern, the game is much easier to grasp and play this way.

An interesting concept to keep you busy for a few hours

All things considered, Championship Connect 4 may not be the most original and exciting game out there, but it can certainly teach you a thing or two. In addition, the learning AI is certainly something to have fun with, even if the rest of the game doesn’t interest you.

Championship Connect 4 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 14th, 2015
Championship Connect 4 Demo - You have the liberty to choose between a variety of game modes.Championship Connect 4 Demo - The first few opponents in the tournament are quite simple to beat.Championship Connect 4 Demo - Things get more complicated after you reach better opponents.Championship Connect 4 Demo - screenshot #4Championship Connect 4 Demo - screenshot #5Championship Connect 4 Demo - screenshot #6Championship Connect 4 Demo - screenshot #7

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