City Bus Simulator 2010

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A well structured simulator that offers everything you need to see how it's like to drive a bus through New York.

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City Bus Simulator 2010 is one for those who are curious about what it takes to drive and operate a piece of public transportation through a large city. In this simulator you’ll be driving a recreation of the a Nova RTS that is fitted with every little knob and button down to the controls for the wheelchair ramp.

A simulator in the true sense of the word

From the moment you climb aboard and sit behind the wheel you will be surrounded by the same layout that’s in the actual bus so be prepared to have a lot to deal with. The game starts off with a tutorial that explains what everything is for and how they work but there’s a strong chance that some controls won’t work as they should so remapping the keys is almost recommended.

What’s really good in City Bus Simulator 2010 is the fact that the word simulator has every right to be there. Unlike in cargo transportation simulators where you don’t have to inventory merchandise or have to take care of loading and unloading, in this one you do need to interact with passengers. You won’t have to go help a little granny climb aboard but you are required to walk to the back of the bus to manually operate the wheelchair ramp it the case calls for it.

There’s that and more like handing out tickets to each passenger which make the entire experience as close to reality as possible.

Smooth gameplay, with bugs glitches and all

City Bus Simulator 2010 is a decent looking game with emphasis on driving the bus and making sure its controls are there for you to use and understand. There are however plenty of things that will cut down some of the game quality.

For example, you’ll find that at times, when walking out of the buss to check up on things or to punch in your route, the driver levitates. Some of the passengers that you interact with have poor modeling and their greeting lines tend to get messed up sometimes. On the other hand, when it comes to the latter you won’t be looking inside the bus while driving so you won’t have to see their low-poly faces all that much.

A decent game for anyone who enjoys driving simulators

On a closing note, City Bus Simulator 2010 is a good game that should appeal to fans of the genre. It’s far from perfect but the driving experience is well simulated and having to deal with all the controls, multiple bus views traffic and traffic rules makes it worth your while.

City Bus Simulator 2010 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 21st, 2015
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