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Save the solar system from invading chickens in this one of a kind arcade shooter

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Chicken Invaders is the first title in the series of arcade shooting games that took the world by storm, starting from 1999 and until today.

Star Wars, Star Trek, chickens and lots of humor.

Inspired the Sci-Fi movies of that time, the game begins in a far, far away galaxy on a planet called Earth, that's just about to be invaded by evil chicken from outer space.

You'll have to take on the role of a fighter pilot and take to space as you try to obliterate these space monsters. Their number is great and of course they will come in all shapes and sizes including mutant giant chickens.

Retro gaming sure is fun!

Chicken Invaders starts out by thrusting you in the heat of the battle, even from the first level you must face a huge amount of enemies. With each challenge you complete, a more difficult level is added. Bosses will have their place in this succession.

Even though they're highly evolved, their weapon of choice is the almighty egg. Get hit by an egg and you'll instantly loose life.

The game can be enjoyed alone or with a teammate at the same keyboard. If found the control to be very easy and even with two players the keyboard doesn't get crowded.

Retro gaming means simple graphics so don't expect to much. Even more, the game is not meant to work on newer machines so expect frames-per-second glitches. The sounds and the music are meant to be a parody so enjoy them!

The fate of the world is in your hands

Humanity requires your aid in order to survive. Will you be able to master the fighter and kill every last one of the invaders or will you end up an omelet on a hungry chicken's plate?

Playing this game means you'll never again look at a chicken the same.

Chicken Invaders was reviewed by Alexandru Niculaita
Last updated on September 9th, 2014
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