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Capoeira Fighter 2

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Basically this game called Capoeira is truly poetry in motion. Choose from 11 fighters in this ancient South American art that blends boxing mechanics with dance moves.

If this is your kind of game, be sure to check out Capoeira Fighter 3. To start a Single Player vs. Computer match, select 'P1 vs COMP' from the main menu, then use the following controls to fight:

"W" - Jump
"A" - Move Left
"S" - Crouch
"D" - Move Right
"G" - Quick Punch
"H" - Hard Punch
"V" - Quick Kick
"B" - Hard Kick

Throws - move towards opponent and hit both punch buttons or both kick buttons. Special attack - hold away for a few seconds, then press forward with any punch or kick.


· Pentium II 600 MHz w/ 128 MB RAM
· Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
· IE 5+ or Netscape 7+


· 60 minutes trial.
Last updated on December 10th, 2007
Capoeira Fighter 2Capoeira Fighter 2Capoeira Fighter 2

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Spinning kicks, flying elbows and lunging punches - all set to the primal rhythm of Brazilian music.


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