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Occupy your time with a fine selection of jigsaw puzzles and the possibility to create your very own

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Jigsaw puzzles seem to have been around for ages, considering the fact that everyone knows what they are and everyone probably had one at some point. However, they are hardly exciting nowadays when compared to the alternatives you have at your disposal, especially because you can easily enjoy all kinds of video games on tablets and smartphones.

Solve a variety of exciting puzzles

BrainsBreaker takes a leap of faith and assumes that there are still those who would enjoy spending a few hours putting an image back together, and it may be right. Regardless of how non-exciting it might sound and actually look once you run the application, having to put your brain to work for a while can be fun. In addition, it doesn’t hurt that the game was designed to be as easy-to-use as possible.

In fact, that’s probably its main characteristic, seeing as how such games would have to target a more casual portion of the audience. Thus, you only need the mouse in order to get around, whether it’s to move the pieces, rotate them, or even accessing the slightly more advanced options. Everything is accomplished using drag-and-drop actions, which are highly intuitive and straightforward.

Create your own puzzles from scratch

Although the collection of images put at your disposal by the application is by no means small, you can still go through all of them pretty quickly. To get around this issue, the program provides you with an editor as well, which can be used to create your own jigsaw puzzles from scratch. Obviously, you also get to have your pick when it comes to the image that’s going to be split into little pieces.

Speaking of which, the difficulty level can be adjusted beforehand in a number of ways, depending on how lengthy or how complicated you want the challenge to be. Hence, you can split the image into a lot of tiny pieces, or only generate a handful of them. In addition, the shape of the pieces can be customized as well, because some of them can be trickier to figure out.

An engaging experience for those who want to relax a bit

While BrainsBreaker is certainly not fast-paced in any way, your brain gets a lot of exercise, especially if you do not enjoy giving up on a challenge. Thus, the game is perfect for those who want to take it easy and occupy their minds with something fun at the same time.

BrainsBreaker Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
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