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Drive buses between stations and pick up passengers along the way in this casual simulator

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Buses are not the most exciting vehicles out there, mostly because they are very common and they move rather slowly anyway. Becoming a bus driver is not a dream job either, even if you enjoy driving very much. However, they are no doubt useful in cities from all over the world, because they help transport a large number of people in a pretty convenient and compact way.

Rent buses and drive along the desired routes

Big City Rigs: Bus Driver is a simulator that aims to provide you with a glimpse into the life of a bus company owner, as well as into that of a bus driver. In essence, the game allows you to manage a transportation company and play the role of the driver as well, which may not be very realistic, but it is fun. However, the fun part dissipates rather quickly, because the gameplay is absolutely horrible in every regard.

To begin with, the career mode forces you to start with one bus, which can be rented and used on a specific route. Once you start playing, on the other hand, the management part becomes less important, because the game itself is broken. As such, the buses move like they are constantly on ice, the collision system is a joke, and you can often find yourself stuck in other cars, due to clipping issues.

A plethora of bugs to ruin the experience

That’s not all, unfortunately. Sometimes, you can start the game and see that there is no HUD, even though there’s certainly one included with the game. Most of these issues can be fixed by restarting the mission, but you’ll just stumble into new bugs every time you do so. Even when everything seemingly works as it should, the game looks and behaves like it was stitched together with tape and spit.

As such, the graphics are terrible to behold, which is that much more depressing when you think that all they had to render was a bus, a few cars and the occasional building. Naturally, there is only a handful of passenger models as well, which makes your bus look like it’s filled with cloned puppets instead. There are also only eight buses in total, which is a rather small number when you think about it.

Too many mistakes to stay positive and keep playing

When it’s all said and done, Big City Rigs: Bus Driver does not deserve your time, even if you’ve got nothing else to do. There are just too make bugs and horrible design flaws assaulting you at every second, which makes it impossible to enjoy any part of the game.

Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 6th, 2015
Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo - A new game session can be easily started from the main menu.Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo - You can rent a variety of bus models and use them for specific tours.Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo - It can be useful to see both the bus and the nearby traffic at the same time.Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo - screenshot #4Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo - screenshot #5Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo - screenshot #6Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo - screenshot #7Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo - screenshot #8Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo - screenshot #9Big City Rigs: Bus Driver Demo - screenshot #10

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