Atomica Deluxe

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Combine atoms, create molecules, and detonate atomic bombs in this casual puzzle game

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Atomica Deluxe is an arcade puzzle game in which the rules are simple but the game gets complicated fast. You have to work with atoms to create molecules for points; relax, there’s no science behind how you do that.

Match four, create combos, get points

In Atomica Deluxe the gameplay is easy to pick up. You have a ten by ten board on which atoms appear in random positions. Your goal is to move the atoms from one place to another to create groups of four, or molecules. Once a molecule is created, it disappears and you get points in return.

There are a few things that make the gameplay challenging. For example, you get to move one atom per turn. If you don’t create a molecule, your turn is over and random atoms spawn on the board. Atoms come in different colors and as you reach higher levels, additional colors make their appearance.

If manage to create one molecule after another, combo points are awarded and if you make enough of them, you can finish a level very quickly.

When things get tough, drop the atom bomb

Since you can move only one atom per turn and three more spawn, it’s easy to see how a board can become cluttered relatively fast. It’s best you think things through when moving atoms because you get clues as to where new ones spawn and what colors they are.

In case things get out of control, you can drop an atomic bomb on the board to remove the atoms. However, that bomb needs to be charged first. Another complication that can arise is the presence of a gravitational pull that will make all the atoms drop on the bottom of the board, in a Tetris kind of way.

A decent casual game

To end, Atomica Deluxe is a good game to have around if you’re into this sort of puzzles and the challenges they bring.

Atomica Deluxe was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
Atomica Deluxe - A casual puzzle game about creating moleculesAtomica Deluxe - Move one atom from one place to another to create groups of fourAtomica Deluxe - Some atoms take the properties of the ones next to themAtomica Deluxe - screenshot #4

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