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This incredible chess game will win you over you with its gorgeous 3D boards and excellent gameplay.

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Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world. We’ve all seen it being played in parks, at picnics, at home, at the office and in so many tournaments. It’s a strategy game in which you have to outthink your opponent and checkmate him or her and 3D Chess allows you to play it on your computer.

Play against a friend or AI

In 3D Chess you are able to challenge either a friend and take turns applying your strategies on the same computer, or you can play against AI. The latter option comes in multiple forms as you are able to choose between opponents of different caliber who are obviously more difficult to beat.

The computer version follows the standard rules as the real game, each piece is moved in its specific pattern and the win/lose conditions are the same. While playing, you get some hints about which pieces you can move and where, a feature that is good for beginners and simplifies things for those who play on a regular basis.

Multiple types of boards and pieces

Since the rules can’t be bent in the PC version of the game, you are given the possibility to at least change the way in which the board and pieces look. Apart from the traditional checkered board, you can opt for one that looks like a castle or another that’s placed in space. The same applies to the pieces, there are classic cut ones and more futuristic designs that might be a bit confusing at first.

From a visual point of view, you’ll have to be gentle with the game as it’s been around since 2005 and it hasn’t received any cosmetic updates. So, apart from being able to move the camera around the board to view the pieces from any angle and from different distances, there’s not much to 3D Chess.

A classic game

On a closing note, considering its age and the type of game that it brings to your PC, along with the visuals and gameplay, 3D Chess is a classic.

3D Chess was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 8th, 2014
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