Minecraft Server Hosting Application

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A nice server application for the block building game Minecraft





To run the sersver side application, just run the server.jar file ("java -jar server.jar" from the terminal). It should take you through setting up the configuration file for the server side application.

If you want to change any parameters after the server has already been configured, just edit the minecraftHoster.conf file. To turn off automatic backup, set the value backupPollWeight to 0.

There are two options to run the client. You can just run the client.jar file (java -jar client.jar) and give it the ip or url of the server side application and the port it is listenening on, or you can embed the applet in a webpage.

Since the applet is not signed, the page must be hosted on the server that is
running the serverside application (applet are only aloud to make socket connections back to the server they came from for security reasons). Here's an example of what embedding this applet should look like:

The parameters width and height are obviously adjustable to whatever you prefer, but the parameters ip and port need to be the url/ip of the computer hosting the server side application and the port it is listening on. If the server is behind a firewall then an exception will need to be made in the firewall
for this application.

Similarly, if the server is behind NAT, then the port the application is listening on will need to be forwarded to the server. If you already know how to set up a
regular minecraft server, then this should be easy. If not, first learn how to set up a regular minecraft server, then attempt to use this application.
Last updated on June 2nd, 2011
Minecraft Server Hosting Application - screenshot #1Minecraft Server Hosting Application - screenshot #2

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