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Use SA-MP Server to create a large server for San Andreas fans to use and have fun






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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open-world action game that puts you in the shoes of CJ, a young man who has has had a troubled passed, has similar present and most certainly an equal future as well.

In the game you will be performing all kinds of missions, from petty crime to elaborate heists and much more. You will be able to fire a wide range of weapons, drive cars, buy properties and much more. Even though there is plenty to do in GTA: San Andreas, you will get bored from time to time, and that's why this application was developed.

With GTA: San Andreas - SA-MP Server you are able to create a server and play San Andreas online with friends or strangers. Since GTA is a game that allows considerable amounts of modding, it's easy to see the potential of creating a server where hundreds of people can join in on the fun.

There are plenty of crazy events to create, elaborate stunts to choreograph and much more. SA-MP Server comes with everything you need to make it work, with the recommendation that you read the help files first as there is a lot to take into consideration.

It's important to know that SA-MP Server requires the DVD version of GTA: San Andreas v 1.00 US/EU. If you have 2.00, you need to downgrade it to be able to use the server.
Last updated on August 15th, 2015
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