Woodcutter Simulator Patch

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A patch for Woodcutter Simulator that brings performance optimization and game enhancements






Woodcutter Simulator, as its name suggests, is a game that lets you in charge of a lumber mill where you will have to take on every challenge that leads to finished products.

The game provides a first-person view and allows you perform everything from cutting down trees to transportation and producing the required stuff. Cutting down the trees can be done using heavy machinery or a high end chainsaw.

In the game you can drive the delivery trucks through  various environments and in diverse weather conditions. There are several challenging missions to take on and the game engine features realistic physics.

By downloading and using the patch that is provided on this page, you will be able to address and fix a few problems that have made their way into the game. With this patch you can add a new autoupdate features, optimize performance and offer support for new video cards. Among other things.
Last updated on March 5th, 2012
Woodcutter Simulator PatchWoodcutter Simulator PatchWoodcutter Simulator PatchWoodcutter Simulator PatchWoodcutter Simulator Patch

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