Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Patch2.60

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This is the latest for for the first-person shooter game, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory






Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a first-person shooter that was initially conceived as a followup for the original game but ended up becoming a multiplayer platform. The game still places you in the years of World War II and allows you to join one of the two sides, Allies or Axis.

In this version of the game you have to cooperate with your team in order to reach a common objective in a given amount of time. While playing, you will either be attacking your adversary or defending.

The game comes with a few maps but since it's released as open source, anyone can create custom environments and for this reason hundreds of playable maps exist. You also get a leveling system that allows you to use certain skills and improve them as you gain more experience.

There are multiple classes to choose from while playing and some of your skills can transfer when changing class, or your experience counter can reset when you leave the game.

By using this patch you can make sure that your registered version of the game is up to date and you can benefit from the latest features and gameplay improvements available.
Last updated on May 9th, 2006
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