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A patch for Will Rock that comes with several game welcomed enhancements and fixes






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Will Rock is a first-person shooter that has you battling mythological creatures from ancient Greece which are led by Zeus.

You play as Willford Rockwell, a young man who has to save his girlfriend from Zeus and the swarms of beats that have been released into the world by  the Olympian Restoration Army. With Prometheus backing you up, you are ready to face the hordes using a variety of weapons.

In his mission to save the woman he can use a shovel, pistol, shotgun and go all the way to a Medusa gun and an atomic weapon. The game features very large numbers of enemies that come your way which make for a very chaotic and enjoyable game.

By downloading the patch which is provided on this page you will be able to add the latest updates to the game. Once it is deployed over the original game, you can benefit from improved multiplayer stability, the ability to play 6 man coop and several other enhancements.
Last updated on August 8th, 2003
Will Rock Patch - screenshot #1Will Rock Patch - screenshot #2

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