The Witcher Patch1.5

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This is the latest patch for the game role-playing adventure game, The Witcher!







The Witcher is an action RPG on the hack and slash side of things, inspired by the books with the same name. You play the role of one the few members of a dying group, the witchers, inhabitants of a fantasy world similar to the Medieval ages, which have been blessed with unnatural powers.

The game uses a powerful graphics engine that makes fluent fight scenes possible in while not compromising the world details. While playing you can make use of multiple camera views that are specific to the genre while also having the option of choosing from different fighting styles for your character, depending on the adversary.

Take on the role of a Witcher, a warrior that was trainer even from young childhood to face monsters that everyone fears and kill them! He's a part of an ancient cult that was created in order to protect people from monsters and undead abominations.

By using this patch you can make sure that your registered version of the game is up to date and you can benefit from the latest features and gameplay improvements available.
Last updated on July 13th, 2009
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