The Sims 2 CD Patch

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A patch to help you remove unwanted bugs so you can control the Sims over their entire lifetime without any problems







The Sims 2 is a life simulation game that implements a variety of strategy elements which allow you to shape the life of your sim.

Just like with the previous release, in The Sims 2 there is no end purpose for your actions, the game has no scripted final goal. You can be a part in the lives of your sims and the generations that follow them.

The sims you take care of will have goals and will experience happiness when they are met but they also manifest fear, anger and sadness. You are able to create your own sims and manage everything about their home.

Sims can also be born and inherit the features of their parents. Growing up they develop a personality and set their life goals. They will have different priorities and their lifestyle will determine how long they live.

Since the game is built out of so many variables, it is bound to have a series of problems now and again. The patch in question is released to fix a large number of them so you can enjoy the game bug free.
Last updated on June 13th, 2007
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