Street Legal Racing: Redline Patch2.3.0

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A patch for Street Legal Racing: Redline payers who want to enhance gameplay a bit






Street Legal Racing: Redline is a racing game that was designed to bring some new elements to the simulation genre.

Players can race a wide range of cars from popular manufacturers that are give different in-game names. The vehicles you can race look very much like the real ones and just like them, if you take damage during a race, it remains until you repair the cars.

You get two different types of races, outrun and drag, depending on the time of day when the race takes place, and for each victory you are rewarded with cash that can be used to upgrade your car. Unfortunately, further development for the game has been abandoned.

Downloading and using the patch provided on this page, you are able to fix up and enhance some aspects of the original game. Once installed, you can benefit from improved performance on some PCs, a 3D animated background, as well as Bullet time and Flip features.
Last updated on June 29th, 2009
Street Legal Racing: Redline Patch - screenshot #1Street Legal Racing: Redline Patch - screenshot #2Street Legal Racing: Redline Patch - screenshot #3

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