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Witness the creation of a civilization, from the simplest form of life to a complex civilization







Spore is a single-player game in which you play the role of an all powerful entity that can shape the existence of creatures. You are able to simulate the creation and evolution of a creature from a single cell organism, to a dangerous beast if that's what you wish.

In the game you can play through a multitude of evolutionary stages. You get to witness cell stage, creature stage, tribal stage, civilization stage and finally, space stage. Each stage can be reached after successfully completing a series of objectives and once you manage to do so, you can step to the next stage or continue to play the current one.

The game also has a real educational value as it does cover most of the essential principles of evolution while respecting proven science.

The patch provided here is intended to fix a series of issues that have been identified in the game in order to make the entire experience more enjoyable. Additionally it also offers a few cheats which you can use to skip a few stages or make some aspects more fun.
Last updated on July 30th, 2009
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