Splinter Cell: Conviction Patch1.04

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A quick fix patch for Splinter Cell: Conviction that helps you eliminate a series of issues






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Splinter Cell: Conviction  is a stealth action game in which you play the role of Sam Fisher who has to deal once more with the weapons black market and plans to overtake USA presidency.

This release brings a series of new features which are intended to make the game more accessible. You get Mark & Execute, a feature that allows you to script a sequence of actions, along with Last Known Position, a feature that shows Sam where the guards think he is hiding.

Splinter Cell: Conviction also provides a multiplayer co-op mode that can be played in split-screen mode. You get challenges such as Deniable Ops, Hunter, Infiltration and Last Stand, each with its specific objectives.

Like with all games, Splinter Cell: Conviction has its share of bugs and glitches that have been identified. Some of them have been dealt with and can be fixed by downloading and installing this patch. Once it is deployed over your game installation, it addresses matchmaking, unique key activation and others.
Last updated on June 29th, 2010
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