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An acclaimed real-time strategy game that launched a legendary series, Shogun: Total War thrusts you into a fascinating and turbulent world unlike any other - 16th century feudal Japan. Play as a Daimyo, one of several determined rival warlords battling to become Shogun - supreme ruler of a united Japan.

Your vast armies only await your command so that they can wage war on your enemies. Using the wisdom of Sun Tzu's Art of War, you'll learn how to defeat the enemy, gain honour, and form allegiances - but be wary of whom you trust.

Featuring a unique combination of strategic decision making and intense real-time action on the battlefield, Shogun: Total War takes you deeper into this savage historical period than you ever thought possible. Experience a place where careful planning, base treachery, cunning strategy, bold tactics and a willingness to ruthlessly destroy your enemies are all needed for success.

Shogun: Total War - Mongol Invasion is the exciting expansion pack for players of the original Shogun: Total War game. Three hundred years before the civil wars in the first game, the Kublai Khan and his Mongol horde attacked Japan. This expansion gives you the chance to conquer Japan as the barbarians or stop the Mongols in their tracks in one of the great "what ifs" of history! The expansion includes new historical campaigns, new unit types and even more samurai-inspired mayhem than the original.
Last updated on November 6th, 2009
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