Rome Total War Patch

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The latest patch for Rome: Total War, the next generation in epic strategy gaming





Who hasn't heard of Rome: Total War, the game in which you get to command legions in all out epic wars. In this installment, you are able to play new historical campaigns that take place in the time between the late Roman Republic and the early Roman Empire.

The player can opt to play as one of the three main families in the land at that time and undertake campaigns throughout Europe, Africa and the Near East.

Depending on the roman house you choose, you have unique attributes and objectives but the game style remains the same. Ultimately, to reach your goal you have to control a specific number of provinces and afterwards, take Rome as your capital.

By using this patch you can make sure that your registered version of the game is up to date and you can benefit from the latest features and gameplay improvements that have been made available.
Last updated on December 17th, 2005
Rome Total War PatchRome Total War PatchRome Total War Patch

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