Neverwinter Nights English Retail Patch

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A large patch for Neverwinter Nights that addresses several balance issues and bugs





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Neverwinter Nights is a role playing game that takes the story to the Forgotten Realms and bases its gameplay on the 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons.

The game provides several pre-made characters as well as the possibility to create custom ones by combining race, class, alignment, skills and special abilities. Neverwinter Nights consists of four large chapters, each one with several quests that follow the main storyline as well as side-quests.

Battles are fought in the background and their outcome relies on chance. Like in Dungeons and Dragons, the computer rolls dice to determine whether the hero hits his or her target and also determines the amount of damage that is dealt.

By downloading the patch that is provided on this page, you will be able to apply a very large number of fixes as well as bring a considerable amount of content. The patch comes with new tilesets, audio, creatures, items and a large amount of game balance changes.
Last updated on July 11th, 2008
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