Need for Speed Carbon English Patch

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A patch for Need for Speed Carbon that's built to set some things straight when it comes to bugs





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Need for Speed Carbon is another successful title in the NFS series that has managed to improve on an otherwise very good sequence of games.

As with every release, the settings change and you now have to race in the city of Palmont and its surrounding canyons. Need for Speed Carbon brings a couple of new and interesting features meant to make the game more exciting and offer the player increased freedom when it comes to customization.

You get the new Autosculpt feature which allows you to manually shape some of the car custom body parts along with the option to hire crew members which have special skills that can be used to win races. In NFS Carbon you still get plenty of race types to choose from and you can also engage in some long and chaotic chases with the cops.

With the large open-world, tons of cars and modification possibilities, the game also delivers some unwanted bugs and glitches. Downloading and installing the patch from this page you will be able to fix some of them, making the game a bit more balanced.
Last updated on June 13th, 2007
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