LEGO Star Wars Patch

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Fix some bugs and provide additional enhancements to LEGO Star Wars by installing this lightweight patch





LEGO Star Wars is a video game adaptation of the famous movie franchise in which the action takes place in a LEGO world and is fought by LEGO protagonists and antagonists.

The game is mainly aimed for kids and for this reason it does not feature a game over aspect. Players can switch between characters to use their abilities, as well as The Force to discover bonuses and defeat enemies.

If the player manages to complete all the chapters without loosing studs, he or she can unlock a secret level which contains elements from 'A New Hope'. As far as the soundtrack goes, it's the same one that was used in the first trilogy.

By downloading and installing the patch which is provided on this page, you will be able to address and fix a series of problems. Once the patch is deployed, it will resolve bugs as well as provide performance and gameplay enhancements.
Last updated on January 24th, 2007
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