Industry Giant II Patch

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A small patch for Industry Giant II that aims to fix a few things to make the game more enjoyable





Industry Giant II is a business simulation game that primarily focuses on making the player understand how supply chains work.

The game comes with an urban development feature, meaning that the player can influence the development of the villages and towns that exist across the map. As a result of that, it also determines the need for product supply.

Another key component of the game is given by the competitors which, depending on your experience with these types of games may or may not seem to be advantaged by default. The game features over 150 materials and products, 11 industry sectors and tens of transport means.

By downloading and installing this patch over the original game, you can get rid of the issue with the overseas port and the storage tool tip, and it also improves CD drive compatibility.
Last updated on May 27th, 2009
Industry Giant II PatchIndustry Giant II PatchIndustry Giant II PatchIndustry Giant II PatchIndustry Giant II Patch

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