Imperial Glory Patch1.1

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A lightweight patch that adds new features and game balancing for Imperial Glory






Imperial Glory is a real-time tactics game that takes you into the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras in which you will fight for glory and conquest.

The game enables you to choose from one of several factions, Great Britain, France, Austria, Russia and Prussia and set out to conquer new worlds. In Imperial Glory, gameplay is split between a 2D world map that's used for territory expansion and a 3D battleground where the armies face each other.

In Imperial Glory, despite having several different factions, the units are the same and are split into three categories, infantry, cavalry and artillery. Conquering new territories unlocks new units and you also get to enjoy a bit of naval combat.

By downloading and installing the patch that is offered on this page you will be able to add a number of gameplay enhancement features. Once the patch is deployed, you will be able to speed up or down battles and it also applies a number of game balance changes.
Last updated on July 24th, 2009
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