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Beneath the scorching sands of Kharak, the Kushan people have discovered the remains of a long-forgotten titanic spaceship. Buried within the ancient remains, the secret of their lost homeworld.

For thousands of years, the Kushan have survived on Kharak, corralled into the temperate geographical poles by a vast, unforgiving desert. Scarcity of arable land and natural resources has coloured Kushan history with near constant inter-clan (or Kiith) warfare and strife.

As new technologies emerged, religious and political conflict partially gave way to unified scientific exploration. DNA sequencing of Kharak's native life revealed no genetic resemblance to the Kushan, giving rise to their "XenoGenesis Theory" - which stated they were not native to Kharak at all.

The first space flights reinforced this idea. Small metallic debris, the largest no bigger than a hand, were retrieved from low orbit and analyzed to be made of materials totally unknown to them. In addition to helping accelerate their space technology research, the debris confirmed that a large advanced spacecraft had once been in orbit. It wasn’t until an ironic twist of fate later in their history that boosted them even further along their development.
Last updated on October 2nd, 2009
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