Hitman: Blood Money English Patch

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A Hitman: Blood Money patch that fixes some issues that have been identified with shaderquality medium on FX cards






Hitman: Blood Money, the fourth title in the series, puts you in the gloves of the famous assassin who is now the main target.

This installment comes with the new Blood Money system in which you get extra cash to spend depending on how clean the job is done. The player can customize weapons and spend money to reduce notoriety, 47 can now use other people as a human shield and even simulate 'accidents'.

Gameplay has also received several improvements as agent 47 can climb, hide, scale ledges and pass over obstacles automatically. Additionally, enemy AI is now more clever because it follows blood trails, it investigates suspicions activity and more.

Downloading and installing the patch provided on this page you will be able to fix a number of problems. In this case, the patch addresses a crash that occurs when firing a weapon and lighting on shaderquality medium on FX cards, among others.
Last updated on June 21st, 2006
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