Gothic 3 Community Patch1.75.14

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A large community patch for Gothic 3 that aims to fix, enhance and balance the game






Gothic 3 is a fantasy role playing game that takes you to the mainland where new orc killing quests await you.

Gameplay remains true to the genre, you have to fight monsters and orcs to gain experience in order to learn new skills, equip new items and so on. In the game, the decisions made by your character influence the outcome of it all. Depending on which path you want to take the game, you are able to join one of three factions,  the Rebels, the Orc mercenaries and the Hashishin.

Gothic 3 also features a vast open-world to explore, advanced AI, a large number of monsters to fight and an equally large number of spells to use in your quests. The combat system has also been revised and the main character can now wield a two-handed weapon and carry a shield.

Gothic 3 is not a bug free game, neither is it one that doesn't have shortcomings. To enhance the game and fix a few issues, this patch was released. Once deployed over your game it applies performance tweaks, corrects lightmap issues on vegetation, adds orc armor and more.
Last updated on April 29th, 2012
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