Football Manager 2006 Patch

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Football Manager 2006 accurately simulates the trials and tribulations of a real football manager





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Football Manager 2006 is a football simulation game which allows you to be in control of a football team and compete in various championships.

The game undertook only a few changes which make it a Football Manager 2005 update. There are though a couple of new features brought to the game in both terms of adjustments and improvements. These include tweaks to team-talks, simplified training and in-game help screens.

Football Manager 2006, like the previous version, also received a patch after its release to fix a series of errors as well as to update the database with changes that occur over the winter in FIFA.

The patch at hand aims to resolve a series of issues that have been identified in the game and might interfere with gameplay. Installing this patch you can enjoy an improved game with fewer setbacks.
Last updated on March 13th, 2006
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