Fallout 3 Patch1.7

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A lightweight patch for Fallout 3 that comes with new achievements for Mothership Zeta







Fallout 3 is an open-world role playing game that takes place in 2277, 30 years after the events in the previous installment.

The game starts off with you escaping Vault 101 and making your way into the post-apocalyptic world that has been left after the war between The USA and China. Fallout 3 comes with a great story which unravels as you play and complete the several quests.

In Fallout 3 health is separated into general and limbs, the latter having effect on specific parts of the body and if affected, cause certain disadvantages. The game also comes with what is called V.A.T.S., Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, which is a feature similar to 'bullet-time' in other games. Here you can plan out a sequence of attacks on the enemy and watch combat take place from multiple camera angles.

Most games, if not all of them, need patching up from time to time as new bugs and errors are detected. Fallout 3 is no exception but in this case, downloading and installing the patch that is provided on this page you will be able to add new achievements for Mothership Zeta.
Last updated on July 31st, 2009
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