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A patch for the mystery filled Fahrenheit game that has three possible ways to end





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Fahrenheit is a cinematic action-adventure game that follows the story of a young man who is possessed by another and made to kill.

The game starts off with the main character murdering someone in a diner bathroom, covering up the evidence and feeling from the scene. He has no memory of the events which led to killing and starts to search for answers.

As he realizes that he was controlled by someone, things get out of control to the point where he and his ex-girlfriend are killed. Depending on your actions in the last chapter of the story, the game will have one of three endings, good, neutral or bad.

Downloading and installing the patch provided on this page, you will be able to fix a series of bugs that have made their way into the game. Consequently you will be able to enjoy Fahrenheit and its story they way it was meant.
Last updated on October 26th, 2005
Fahrenheit PatchFahrenheit PatchFahrenheit Patch

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