Evil Genius 1.01 Patch

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A patch for Evil Genius which aims to fix a number of the identified bugs from the game





Evil Genius is a game that allows you to simulate the work and tasks which an evil genius must go through in order to rule the world.

At the start of the game you can choose from one of three villains to represent you, your minions can be trained to perform all kinds of tasks, you can set to devise clever traps to capture spies and you can even recruit henchmen to guard you secret laboratory. The latter can be custom built and you can fit it with over 300 items with all kinds of purposes.

Your minions can bet trained to build three types of structures, scientific, military or social, but you can only interact with them through the Evil Genius or the hired henchmen. Traps of all kinds can be set throughout the base to make sure that agents don't succeed in gathering information or sabotaging your equipment.

A patch that is especially built for Evil Genius with the intent of fixing up a few bugs in order to make the game more balanced and enjoyable while playing.
Last updated on November 12th, 2004
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