Euro Truck Simulator Patch

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A quick fix for Euro Truck Simulator which you can use to improve the overall experience of the game






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Euro Truck Simulator is a driving simulation game that puts you behind the seat of a number of trucks and has you delivering goods all across Europe.

You start off by doing small jobs, transporting merchandise from one company to another and depending on the time interval you manage it in and the condition of the goods, you are given cash compensation. As you make more money, you are able to buy a new truck of your own and start working for yourself.

Moreover, as you further progress into the game, you can hire AI drivers which will do the delivering for you or with you. You may also purchase garages for trucks and reach the point where you can create a truck delivery empire.

Given that all games have a few bugs here and there, Euro Truck Simulator requires a little patching up now and again using packages like the one provided on this page. Downloading and installing this one allows you to fix some bugs and add improve some of the features provided by the game.
Last updated on April 6th, 2010
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