Dragon Age II Patch1.04

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Fix bugs, improve gameplay and game performance by downloading this Dragon Age II patch







Dragon Age II is a role playing game that takes place in a mythical world and follows the story if Hawke, a refugee who becomes a great champion.

There are three main paths to character selection, that of a rogue, mage or warrior, each one with his or her unique traits. In your journey, you will have several companions that will join you.

Only three can be added to your party and during combat, you can pause the action and issue orders for each one of the characters, as well as switch to play as them. Being an RPG, there is loot to collect after each battle, experience to gain and skills to learn and perfect to make your heroes stronger.

Dragon Age II is a rather large game with plenty that can get buggy. So, to get rid of identified issues, downloading and installing this patch is encouraged. Once it it deployed over your original game, it will fix bugs, provide gameplay enhancements, balance and new content.
Last updated on March 4th, 2012
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