DiRT 3 Patch1.02

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A big but necessary patch for DiRT 3 which allows you to fix up a lot of issues and add improvements






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DiRT 3 is another title from the popular Colin McRae Rally series which allwos you to experience the thrills of driving a rally car, on your computer of course.

Most of gameplay still revolves around the reputation system which means that you have to win races, get reputation points to attract sponsors and new cars along with them. This version also adds the Gymkhana mode that throws you into obstacle courses and challenges you to perform various tricks.

You also get a hardcore mode that locks you into cockpit view without any kind of help. Participation in race modes such as capture the flag is also available, additionally, you can help spread a zombie infection.

By downloading and installing the patch which is provided on this page, you will be able to resolve a large number of issues that have unfortunately made their way into the game. Along with those, you also get to add a few enhancements to physics and GPU detection.
Last updated on October 7th, 2011
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