Crysis 2 Patch1.9

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The latest patch for the Crysis 2 which fixes a large number of issues that affected gameplay more or less







Crysis 2 is the second installment in the Crysis series in which you leave the jungle behind and take on the urban landscape of New York. Regardless of who's wearing it, the Nano Suit is the star of the game and in this second release its awesomeness belongs to a marine named Alcatraz.

After Prophet gives you the suit, you find yourself in the middle of a city in ruins which has been overtaken by an alien force. Along with your fellow human soldiers, you must fight your way across the alien offensive, drive them back and regain control of city.

The suit can be customized with player preferred enhancements which can grant extra strength, speed and much more. Apart from the great graphics, Crysis 2 also delivers an action-packed experience that is truly memorable.

As with any other game, Crysis 2 also contains a series of bugs. The patch that is provided on this page allows you to fix a great deal of them, enabling you to enjoy the game as you should.
Last updated on June 28th, 2011
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